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To see and do on the Jade Coast

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Visiting Saint Nazaire

Climb aboard Escal’Atlantic, a reconstructed transatlantic cruise liner which is (almost) life-size ; explore the Espadon submarine : discover the shipbuilding industry and the companies that build giant ocean liners, and take a guided tour of Airbus !

Escal'Atlantique : plunge into the universe of cruise liners along the decks and gangways, admire no less than 200 objects from legendary liners.  Discover the history of cruise liners and ships, life on-board and the crew through games and multimedia devices…

The submarine, Espadon : the only submarine afloat open to the public in France.  Before you climb on board, take a look around you.  The submarine is anchored in the lock that was the very first harbour entrance.

The STX shipbuilding company has built hundreds of ships including some of the most impressive transatlantic cruise liners  such as : Ile de France, Normandie, France… A fascinating visit !

Airbus Saint-Nazaire : it is one of Airbus’ main centres of excellence which is open to the public.  A complete tour of Airbus during which you will learn about the amazing adventures of aeronautics in Saint-Nazaire.